You can follow the video series by choosing from the menu below, or clicking the next or previous buttons on each page which follows.

On each page, you will find two or three short videos which link together, and then a short response in the form of a quick survey to help you think through the ideas in the videos.

When you complete the survey, I (Andy Gray) will get your thoughts by email and it will help you to ask me any questions, and help me to introduce you further to Jesus.  It is of course your choice if you fill in the questions or not, but it might help you.

You can watch all the videos right through, but that might just be information overload. There are some ways you might like to choose.

1) Watch a whole page worth of videos in one sitting, then send me your thoughts.  Probably take about half an hour.  There are eight sets of videos

2) Watch a short video each day, then complete the questions when you get to the end (about 5 minutes each day…then ten minutes or so for the questions)

3) You could get together with someone and watch the videos together and talk about the questions over a coffee.


The people using these videos may themselves be getting baptised, or having one or more of their children baptised.  If you yourself are being baptised, hopefully these videos will help you think through your decision, as well as sparking some ideas off to chat through with the person helping you explore baptism.

If you are having your son or daughter baptised don’t forget that the people you are choosing to be God parents are also making important promises that they will help you to bring up your child in the Christian faith. They are the same promises you are making on behalf of your children.  So, why not send them this page link?

This is the link address you need to copy and paste to them.


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